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Ruby Tomasina, RICETART, ricetartgandishanks? All me! I consider myself an artist who creates art for the sake of art. A fantasy enthusiast, I love to feed the imagination with the unusual and prefer to not question all the time. I'm inspired mostly by music and nature, though anything from the texture of fabric to a trip to the dentists can weirdly make me pick up a pencil. I feel like other creatives will relate to this weird process. I like to celebrate the weird. I hope you enjoy.


After moving from the city of Bristol after a year of post UNI life, city job hopping and lockdown, I moved back to the rolling hills of Devon temporarily to hopefully save for some future travels. While I'm here, I hope to create more and share as much of that creative journey as possible.


I studied at UWE Bristol, graduating in 2019 with my BA in illustration. The course was a good and bad experience for me creatively, regardless I did a lot of personal growing. One thing I've noted is the change in the way I produce art. University made me stress too much about the final outcome of my work and so I ended up enjoying the process less and drawing casually less. I find relaxing harder now. But its's a personal creative challenge I want to overcome. I hope this is a little bit of a heads up for anyone going into a course or taking a course in art, a reminder to relax, and breathe, and stay passionate! Grades don't mean everything! 


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